Laughing Gas


Our goal is to relax our patients as much as possible while they are in our office, as your dental visit should be a restorative time for mind, body and spirit. If you feel uncomfortable during treatment, speak with us about ways to help you relax. Modern preventive and relaxation techniques allow our patients to feel relaxed and pleased to be able to receive the dental care they require with little or no stress!


For an anxiety free appointment, Dr. Rachel offers a special type of care to allow our patients to have a stress free and comfortable visit for longer procedures. This procedure combines the use of laughing gas to provide a very stress free, low anxiety treatment appointment. If you have any fear or anxiety about your dental visits, this method would be a procedure you may be interested in.


If you decide to take advantage of this type of treatment, we suggest that you have a driver deliver you and pick you up from your appointment, as the medication can impair your reaction time and alertness. The remainder of your day should be planned to stay home and not drive or operate anything that could cause you harm due to your reaction time which can be affected from 12 to 24 hours.


If you have any questions about laughing gas, please feel free to speak with any of our Tooth Connection Dental team members here in Ontario today.

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